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Rogier & Mothes unveils its new retro bathtub collection in Resicryl©

The Rogier & Mothes brand, based in the south of France, continues its policy of constant innovation and presents a new material for bathtubs on foot, the Resicryl®, which has excellent aesthetic qualities and resistance.
In aesthetic terms, the Resicryl® material allows the shaping of retro bathtubs on feet with various shapes, sharp curves and very thin edges.

The main interest of the Resicryl® material comes from its excellent resistance during the use of the bathtub and in its strong endurance over the aging.

Retro bathtubs in Resicryl® are distributed in France, Belgium and Switzerland by Le Monde du Bain (, in Spain by Entorno Baño ( and in Italy by Il Mondo del Bagno (

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Comments (8)
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