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The Rogier & Mothes brand has been showcased in various bathroom renovation projects in various regions of France for project ranging fom castles, guest houses, hotels, country houses, to bourgeois apartments and second homes.

Here are some of our customer references. We are very proud of our products and very appreciative of these achievements.

Le Château des Vallons (Verteuil d'Agenais, France)
Crédits Photos : Christian Prêleur /

L'Hôtel Les Bains (Paris, France)

Les Chambres de Beynes (Versailles, France)

Bourgeois apartment on Notre-Dame-des-Champs street (Paris, France)

C2V Caroline de Villaucourt / Cabinet d'architecture et décoration d'intérieur

Villa Urban - Upmarket B&B (Strasbourg, France)

CNB Architectes

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Comments (6)
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